The 3 dimentions

We are all spiritual beings who are experiancing a physical body experiance. Our spiritual self holds the absolute truth that belongs to the incoditional love to the timeless dimention.  The earth like experience is a dimention of low vibration. Matter, as we experiance it the result of confrontation of opposing but equal forces. That is the nothing and the everything, light and darkness, empty and full. This equal tension between the two forces creates a temporal energy. In other words, time only exists the energy that lies between those two extrems. On the negative forces, the time flows very slowly, There is a pull, a need to feed, to take in. It is a very dense type of energy. On the contrary, in the  light, the vibrations are excessively fast, it feed and give endlessly. All the laws of the universe meet at that fine line of combat. The physical  dimention we live in as a beginning and an end, life and death.  What is beween is time, space and vibration.  Eventually, all energies will regain their respective places. All return form where it comes from.  As humans, we have these two forces within ourselves, not only we are atomically balanced, but we also are confronted with making vibratory choices. There is 3 dimentions, that of the light and love, that of darkness and emptiness and the space that are filled with a temporal vibration in between. We can belong to one of 3 depending on our evolution.  When we pass over, we belong to love.  Of course,  we needto choose light cause light is always there to give.  We need to accept that light by loving ourself, by letting go of our dakness. Some can't forgive themself, they will then be in timeless darness until they finaly give in.

Your answer

Our mission on earth is to find back our faith. Humanity belongs to those who had fear to not be part of the whole. We have separate by doubts by insecurity.  Darkness had a chance to take us away from our homely light. Earth is the purgatory, the place in where we have to choose.  We have the possibility to experiance both.  We are here to discover and grow our faith that is being challenged. Will our love, our compassion, our forgiveness win over hatrade, the judgment and the slfish  ego? Will we find enough compassion and love for ourself to be able to be able to give and forgive ?


We will meet on our road pitfalls, difficulties and people who will allow us to grow by chalenging our faith, our love. We all have a guide, that many like to call  higher self, which is the self belonging to the light. It is the one who holds the truth beyond our false beliefs.  Our HS is the wise loving energy, connected in the conciousness of love. Our earthly experience must serve us as it is only a short passage. Our pains are our key to reinforce our faith.  It is important to find our self of light and connect with it. Meditation gives us access to the non-material world. Once you open your mind and heart, with no jugement, simply listen, truth will be reveal to you with no effort, no need to think.  Our HS dose not operate on the low vibration that we get illusion from.  It knows everything. Our HS is the connection between the PS (phisical self) and the counsiousness of the univers that we are all part of. 


Have you ever felt that you had a mission? That you had a gift, but that you had not yet put it to the benefit of humanity? It might create a sens of painful emptiness, anxiety and existential depression. It is because we are filled with love, but we still are in doubt. We do not need to search, we need to belive that it will find us. Listen to your voice, do not be afraid, it's your way of life. Do not try to find the answers around you, in this material world the answer is in you. Do not try to be perfect or have the best solution. Have faith. Abandon your fears, they do not protect you, they take you away from your essence.  We are beautiful and unique.  We just have to surrounder and know it.



Believe in love and take the risk on your behalf. Love yourself and love others without judgment. You have endless possibility. Even if death were knocking on your door tomorrow, open it and fear nothing because you belong to eternal love and not to earthly experience. You must,  help your brothers and sisters to find the same light in them. Use your past and your fear as proof that anything is possible.